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How To Plan The Perfect Photoshoot With Your Dog

Posted by Elizabeth S on
How To Plan The Perfect Photoshoot With Your Dog

Dogs are part of your family, and a cute photo of them is something you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Here are some ideas for a photoshoot with your dog, brought to you by the dog lovers at Tworgis!

1 - Use Natural Light

    Photographers have a pretty strong consensus that natural light is the easiest to work with and has the best results. Taking good pictures indoors involves a lot of precise lighting to minimize sharp shadows and make you and your dog look your best. 

    The perfect time of day to have a photoshoot is when the sun is not directly overhead but is still casting even light, so typically dusk, dawn, or when it’s cloudy. Too much sun will cast dark shadows, so try to do it in the evening. When planning a photoshoot with your dog, choose a great setting like a beach, forest, grassy field, or wherever your dog loves to be!

    One great dog photoshoot idea is to take pictures of your dog frolicking around in nature. That’s when they’re likely to be at their happiest, and that’s the joy you want to capture and remember.

    2 - Clean & Comb Your Dog

      You don’t want a good picture ruined by matted fur or muddy paws. Right before the photoshoot with your dog, make sure your pet is looking their best by getting them groomed or cleaning them yourself.

      If your dog just played outside in a mud puddle, it might be time for a bath! Otherwise, you can simply wipe their paws, brush their coat, and add a fun bandana to have your pooch looking in tip-top shape!

      3 - Walk or play with your dog before taking photos

      Sometimes it can be hard to get your dog to sit still for a long period of time. Try playing a game of fetch or take them on a short walk before taking any photos. 

      By getting them a little bit tired, they are more likely to listen when they've had some fun exercise beforehand. This makes a photoshoot with a dog much easier on both you and your pet.

      4 - Wear Cute Accessories to Match

        Matching pops of color between you and your pet is a fantastic dog photoshoot idea! You can choose matching bandanas, bowties, ribbons, or anything that your dog is comfortable wearing. Jazz it up and add some personality!

        Tworgis has a great collection of dog-themed bags and accessories that’ll add an adorable touch to your photo. Look around our selection and see what furry friend-themed fashion makes you say “aww!”

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