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The Amazing Benefits of Owning a Pet

Posted by Elizabeth S on
A dachshund relaxing on a couch

If you share your home with a furry, four-legged roommate, you’re probably already enjoying the health benefits of pet ownership without even realizing it! Or, maybe you’re considering adding a new member to the family, and you’re curious about what being a pet parent is like. Either way, you should know that pets can add many blessings to your life, including improving your mental, emotional, and physical health! Read on for details.

1. Pets Are Mood Boosters

Sometimes, just looking at your pet companion’s cute face is all it takes to bring sunshine to a cloudy day. One of the best benefits of owning a pet is simply how much they make you smile. Not only are their adorable antics endlessly entertaining, but you can always count on them to show some love and affection. Additionally, pets offer regular social connections — it’s impossible to feel lonely with your fluffy bestie nearby!

2. Pets Promote a Sense of Calmness

Over the past few decades, anthrozoology — the study of human and animal interaction — has grown significantly in popularity. Many scientific studies have shown that owning a pet is associated with lower blood pressure, a lower heart rate, and lower stress, and they may even help to prevent certain illnesses.

3. Pets Keep Their Owners Active

A woman playing with her dog

While pet ownership certainly comes with its share of responsibilities, the benefits of owning a pet are worth the effort! In fact, many pet owners find that the work involved actually gives them a sense of purpose and meaning. One of the major benefits of pet ownership is that they keep you moving! Even just feeding, bathing, and playing with them around the house increases your physical activity.

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