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Toast Bags

From traveling to a day at the office, a waterproof crossbody bag is something we all could use. But, gets better—there are Corgis involved! We love these cute little bags, and we can’t wait to bring them straight to you. Whether you’re a Corgi lover or French bulldog fanatic, we have designs and styles that will suit your unique taste. These durable bags are perfect for securely storing items while traveling, going to work, or just being out and about. This crossbody bag combines function and fashion into one adorable accessory you soon won’t be able to live without. Get yours today!

What’s Inside

Chapsticks, hair brushes, wallets, headphones, makeup...the list goes on. It’s easy for all of these items to become a jumbled mess and spill everywhere, but a waterproof crossbody bag from Tworgis will keep it all in place! These cute little bags have plenty of storage space and loads of pockets and compartments to help you stay organized. A perfect gift for any dog or, more specifically, Corgi lover, these bags will get noticed and put a smile on everyone’s face. 

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Browse all that we have to offer and get a high-quality, adorable accessory you can feel good about wearing! Every waterproof crossbody bag is made with durable materials and is guaranteed to last. We make it easy for you to clean and maintain these cute little bags, so you can take them with you wherever you go, for every occasion. No matter where you are, take your Corgis with you and show your unique style. Start shopping and collect your Corgi accessories today!