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Mint Boba Corgi Mask

$4.95 $10.95

This comfortable mask comes with a center slot that allows you to insert a filter/disposable. You will be able to extend the life of a disposable by an extra day or two.


  • Double layer W/ Insertable Filter Pocket (Essentially three layers)
  • Outside Layer: 100% Cotton
  • Inner Layer: Softer cotton that is more comfortable & soft on the skin. It is also more breathable.
    Note: Please give it a hot wash before wearing, just as a precaution.
  • All masks are individually packed in a sterile plastic sleeve. Your protection is our #1 priority.

*WARNING* These masks are NOT medical masks, nor we do claim them to be. These will not protect you 100% from any virus but it is a good way to reduce exposure to droplets. It is also meant to help prevent potential asymptomatic carriers from spreading to others.