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Pink Owl Moonlight Mask

$4.95 $10.95

This comfortable mask comes with a center slot that allows you to insert a filter/disposable. You will be able to extend the life of a disposable by an extra day or two.


  • Double layer W/ Insertable Filter Pocket (Essentially three layers)
  • Outside Layer: 100% Cotton
  • Inner Layer: Softer cotton that is more comfortable & soft on the skin. It is also more breathable.


    *Note* Please give it a hot wash before wearing, just as a precaution.
  • This is not your average mask that is sewn using cheap and generic fabric. It is much higher quality. Our prints are also very unique, ones that you cannot find from any store.
  • We import all our masks from a Brand Name manufacturer in Taiwan. THIS IS NOT MADE IN CHINA. Currently, Taiwan has one of the LOWEST infection rates in the world. This is because masks have been a big part of their culture for a long time. They are professionals at making masks!
  • All masks are individually packed in a sterile plastic sleeve. Your protection is our #1 priority.


    • These masks are NOT medical masks, nor we do claim them to be. These will not protect you 100% from any virus but it is a good way to reduce exposure to droplets. It is also meant to help prevent potential asymptomatic carriers from spreading to others.