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6 Fun Things to Do With Your Dog in the Summer

Posted by Elizabeth S on

As the temperature rises, you and your dog BFF need new activities that will keep you both entertained, and summer is the perfect time to take advantage of warmer weather and longer days! For you and your pup, that means more time together, more time outside, and more opportunities to try activities the two of you haven’t tried before. The following list includes everything from a weekend getaway with your pup, to water-friendly activities, and even rainy day ideas. If you’re on the hunt for fun things to do in the summer with your dog, read on to discover the very best dog-friendly, warm-weather activities to enjoy the season with your pet in tow!

1. Go Swimming

 Corgi dog swimming in water

Swimming is a great form of exercise for you and your dog, and summer is prime time for aquatic activities. Whether your pup is a seasoned swimmer or new to the skill, swimming can be a fun outdoor bonding activity! Find a pool or lake and doggy paddle to your heart’s content. Precautionary measures are crucial, especially if your pup is just learning to swim. If you’re going to hit the pool or beach this season, keep your dog safe with a doggy life jacket, and be sure to bring lots of snacks and water to keep your pup energized and hydrated. Tworgis’ large tote bags are the perfect size for transporting all of you and your pup’s swimming gear in style. Keep in mind that while many dogs love to swim, others are not a fan! Luckily there are also many options for land-loving dogs in the summertime.

2. Have a Staycation in Your City

Summer is the perfect time to explore and discover new experiences in your city with fresh eyes, so why not bring your dog along on the adventure? Staycations are on the rise! These short and inexpensive getaways reduce stress and allow us to relax at home while enjoying a vacation-like experience. Staycations are a great thing to do with your dog in the summer, especially because pets can benefit from a staycation’s lack of travel stress even more than their human counterparts. So go ahead and explore some hidden gems in your neighborhood! From a new park to a dog-friendly eatery, your pup will love spending quality time with you while experiencing some new sights and smells.

3. Go on a Fun Hike

Get some exercise in the great outdoors while spending quality time together by going on a fun hike with your pup! One thing’s for certain — pups of all sizes and breeds love sniffing and exploring outside, making them excellent hiking companions. Always be sure to pack water and snacks for both you and your pooch in your durable, go-to Tworgis backpack or fanny pack!

When planning your outing, it’s important to select a hike that fits your dog’s needs based on their age, breed, and physical fitness by choosing your ideal length and difficulty. It is also recommended to start with hike lengths of an hour or less and work your way up to more difficult routes, but with a bit of time and practice, you and your pooch could become the ultimate hiking duo! Once you get the hang of it, you can even graduate to overnight hikes and tenting adventures.

4. Visit a Dog Beach

 brown dog at the beach

You’re not the only one who loves the beach! Whether or not your dog loves to swim, they’re sure to enjoy the beach and all of the sand, shells, and smells that it has to offer. Frolicking in the water, playing fetch, or even digging holes in the sand are super fun summer activities for your dog at the beach that are sure to keep you entertained as well. Bring your phone along safely in a waterproof pouch and you’ll be sure to get some cute photos of your sandy-nosed pooch! If a little sand doesn’t bother you, a dog-friendly beach truly is a wonderful thing to do with your dog on any hot summer day. More and more dog-friendly beaches and dog-friendly beach sections are popping up today, so discover your closest one and pack a ball or frisbee, water, and some snacks for a full day of fun!

5. Throw a Dog Party

Throwing a dog party is a great way for both you and your pup to socialize and have fun! Invite your human and four-legged friends to enjoy the warm weather in your backyard or nearest park. Pick a theme, make some human snacks and pup treats on the barbecue, and organize a few dog-friendly party games for long-lasting summer memories. Want to take your pooch party up a notch? A doggy pool or sprinkler is sure to make a splash while keeping your furry guests cool. Make sure to include a watering station to keep the pups hydrated in the summer heat, and use Tworgis’ cute, waterproof drink holders to prevent you and your human guests’ hands from getting chilly, holding those cold drinks.

5. Have a Doggy Spa Day

 dog at a dog spa

There’s nothing like a good spa session for some relaxation, and that’s just what your dog needs. Your pets deserve a little pampering too, after all; they spend their days looking out for your well-being while you’re busy with work and other responsibilities. Creating an in-home doggy spa is a simple, fun, and budget-friendly thing to do with your dog on any summer day, rain or shine! You can give your pup their very own calming doggy spa day with just a few natural ingredients like honey, milk, cucumbers, and your favorite dog shampoo. After a milk bath, a massage, and a cozy towel or blow-dry, your pup will be left feeling silky smooth, relaxed, moisturized, and smelling fresh!

Summer Fun with Your Furry Friend

Dogs love sunshine and warmer weather, but why not do more with your pup than the regular routine? Try out any of these 6 fun things to do with your dog in the summer and make it a season to remember. Be sure to include plenty of water breaks and shade stops to keep your summertime adventures safe (especially with senior dogs and smaller dog breeds) and always check the temperature of the ground if you walk your dogs in the city where heat can radiate off the pavement. As the weather heats up, it's good to have a bag of tricks up your sleeve in order to keep your pup cool and enjoy the season, so be safe, be smart, and have a blast with these fun summer activities for dogs!

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