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Tworgis’ Ultimate Guide on How to Keep Your Dog Cool in the Summer

Posted by Elizabeth S on
corgi in a corgi floatie in a swimming pool

Summer is the perfect time to go outside and enjoy the sun for some fun outdoor activities. Every dog owner wants to take their furry companions out for some bonding and shared experiences. Whether it’s playing fetch at the dog park, taking your dog to the beach, or going on hikes, there are many possibilities to get some exercise for your pup while also making it a fun experience for the two of you. However, when the temperature soars, it's crucial to take steps to protect your pet and keep them cool at all times. Here are the best tips for how to keep your dog cool in the summer.

Look Out for Signs of Overheating

corgi laying in a beach chair

High temperatures can affect some dogs more than you realize. Avoid walking your dog during the hottest time of the day and try to stay in shaded areas. Additionally, you want to avoid hot concrete pavements as much as possible and let them enjoy the cooler grassy areas instead. Here are some symptoms of overheating or heat strokes that you’ll want to watch out for:

  • Excessive or heavy panting 
  • Anxiousness 
  • Resisting to move followed by collapse 
  • Higher heart rate 
  • Rapid breathing 
  • Skin is hot to the touch 
  • Bright red gums and tongue 
  • Excessive drooling

Treating a heat stroke involves trying to lower your dog’s body temperature. Wondering how to keep your dog cool in the summer? You may want to carry around a tote bag to have water, collapsible water dishes, cooling vests, and even a cooling mat to help your dog feel better. Or you can use a drink holder to bring cool water on your adventures so you can keep your pup hydrated at all times.

Always Take Breaks & Find Cool Spots for Your Dog

If you are out hiking or camping with your dog, you’ll want to take frequent breaks to make sure they are not overheating. For example, you can bring your pooch inside the car and let him cool down in the cold AC until they stop panting. When going on long walks or trips to the dog park, find shady spots where they can rest. Avoid areas that lack trees, grass, or shaded areas.

Spend Time at the Beach

corgi laying on a beach in the sand

Nothing says summer like going to the beach. While it might get a little messy, dogs love to run around in the sand and go in the water. Play fetch with a ball or frisbee, let your dog find hidden treasures, and splash around in the water to cool off. If your dog is new to swimming, always put a dog vest on them to keep them afloat and prevent them from drowning.

Give Them Some Cold Treats

Not sure how to keep your dog cool in the summer? Look for or make cold treats for your pup! There are many ways to find and make cold doggy treats for your pal. You can find many options online, or there are ways you can freeze existing things that can be made into a treat. If you want to make puppy ice pops, you can make ice cubes with delicious treats inside.

An easy way to make a non-dairy treat is to combine a scoop of peanut butter and a frozen banana into a blender with a little bit of water. Then, scoop it into your dog’s food bowl and top it off with some crumbled dog treats. Your pet will thank you for giving them a cold treat, especially during the summer.

Turn Your Yard Into a Dog Oasis

Some breeds like Golden Retrievers love water. If you have a backyard, we recommend investing in a dog (or kiddie) pool, so you can let your dog play in the water and cool off. Make sure to fill it up with cold water for your pup to enjoy. It’ll help to keep their paws and fur cool, which helps to bring their body temperature down. 

If your yard doesn’t have any natural shade from trees and you’re not sure how to keep your dog cool in the summer, consider getting some outdoor umbrellas or even building a pavilion to offer some shade for both you and your pet. That way, they can still enjoy the outdoors while having a place to rest and recover. 

Some dogs love to play or drink the water from the sprinkler hose. It’s fun to watch your dog run through the water or even try to chase all the streams. This is one of the best ways to keep your dog cool in the summer and it’s an easy way to let out all of their energy without zapping yours!

Groom Your Pet

An easy way to keep your dog cool is to simply have your pet groomed. Get rid of any tangles or mats. Make sure to talk to your groomer or vet before doing so. In general, keeping your pet trimmed will feel refreshing, especially because they can feel the cool wind down their bodies. However, for some pets, the extra fur that keeps them warm may also keep them cool.

Know How to Cool Down Your Dog

Along with keeping them hydrated throughout the day, the easiest way to keep your dog cool in the summer is to stay in the shade or keep them indoors. Always try to have air conditioning running, especially during the daytime hours, to keep them from overheating. 

If you are a dog lover, you probably own plenty of pet supplies to show off your love for pets. However, there are some essential cooling items to have around to help cool your pup down such as:

  • Use a high-powered battery operating fan. Some dogs love to stick their face near, similar to how dogs will stick their heads out of the car window. 
  • They can wear cooling vests during their walk, which helps to deflect heat and even cools your pup through evaporation.
  • Keep a spray bottle around filled with cold water. When they’re showing signs of overheating and you’re wondering how to keep your dog cool in the summer, you can spray their underside, such as their groin area, paws, and even inside their mouth. 
  • If you’re staying outside for long periods, it’s good to keep a thermometer around. Make sure that your dog’s temperature never rises above 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • Have a cooling pad or a cold, wet towel after your walks, so they can spread out and lie down on them. They can cool down their paws and quickly reduce their body temperature. 
  • Consider having a crossbody bag to keep a dog first-aid kit which should include emergency cooling blankets, a cold pack, bandages, and more.

Keep Your Dog Cool & Comfortable

These tips don’t just apply to the summer. If you live in a place with a year-round warm weather climate and you’re trying to figure out how to keep your dog cool in the summer, these are great tips for any place that experiences above 80-degree temperatures. Your dog is your closest companion. Dogs aren’t built for the heat, so one of the best ways to keep your dog cool in the summer is by keeping them cool and comfortable to prevent overheating. 

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