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Our Favorite Female & Male Dog Names

Posted by Elizabeth S on
A puppy lying in a basket with blankets and pillows

Do you need a little help brainstorming male or female dog names? Look no further! We put together a list of 100 of the most popular dog names so you can find the perfect one for your furry friend. Naming your new canine companion is such a fun part of being a pet parent, so don’t rush it — the right name will come eventually! 

We recommend making a list of 5-10 favorites and then waiting a few days to see which one really stands out from the rest. Of course, you might see a name that jumps out immediately. Some dogs have adorable faces that just beg for certain names! 

After browsing our favorite names, read on for expert tips on choosing the best possible name. Here are 50 female dog names and 50 male dog names to get you started.

Female Names

A puppy laying in her owner’s lap

  1. Daisy
  2. Zoe
  3. Bella
  4. Stella
  5. Sadie
  6. Riley
  7. Bailey
  8. Lucy
  9. Lily
  10. Rosie
  11. Penny
  12. Roxie
  13. Josie
  14. Ivy
  15. Sophie
  16. Elsa
  17. Chloe
  18. Abby
  19. Ginger
  20. Molly
  21. Diva
  22. Jasmine
  23. Dixie
  24. Ruby
  25. Oreo
  26. Maya
  27. Millie
  28. Olive
  29. Coco
  30. April
  31. Meadow
  32. Willow
  33. Honey
  34. Princess
  35. Jacky
  36. Lacey
  37. Tootsie
  38. Darling
  39. Cassie
  40. Kiki
  41. Shelby
  42. Penelope
  43. Sunny
  44. Kira
  45. Sally
  46. Fiona
  47. Charlotte
  48. Juno
  49. Shiloh
  50. Jessie

See any female dog names you like?

Male Names

A puppy sleeping in his owner’s arms

  1. Rover
  2. Fido
  3. Spot
  4. Max
  5. Charlie
  6. Harley
  7. Duke
  8. Otis
  9. Cooper
  10. Buddy
  11. Toby
  12. Leo
  13. Jack
  14. Milo
  15. Shadow
  16. Ace
  17. Hank
  18. Archie
  19. Teddy
  20. Bear
  21. Ollie
  22. Rex
  23. Winston
  24. Louie
  25. Murphy
  26. Benny
  27. Bruce
  28. Tucker
  29. Owen
  30. Ranger
  31. Oscar
  32. Scout
  33. Walter
  34. Jasper
  35. Hunter
  36. Ziggy
  37. Maverick
  38. Gizmo
  39. Kramer
  40. Cody
  41. Bruno
  42. Prince
  43. Samson
  44. Victor
  45. Chase
  46. Brady
  47. Axel
  48. Apollo
  49. Benji
  50. Ryan

Did any male dog names jump out at you?

Choosing Male or Female Dog Names: Expert Tips

A dog smiling outdoors

There’s no wrong or right way to choose your dog’s name, but there are some considerations to keep in mind. 

  1. You may want to avoid names that could be confused with commands. For example, if you name your dog Bo, he may think you’re calling him when you say “no.”
  1. To further prevent confusion, you may want to avoid naming your pup something too similar to someone who lives with you or visits often.
  1. You might have noticed that names with two syllables are quite popular. Two-syllable words are easier for dogs to identify.
  1. Similarly, when choosing male or female dog names, you may want to consider a name with a sharp consonant such as a K, P, or D. These ‘clicky” consonants can be easier for a dog to notice.
  1. Don’t choose something too long or complicated unless you can shorten it to a nickname. 
  1. Consider choosing a name that matches your dog's personality and appearance. For example, Spot is a natural fit for a dalmatian. 
  1. On the other hand, opposites can be fun too. Hercules sounds like a name for a big dog like a mastiff, but it could be an adorable name for a chihuahua for the same reason.
  1. If you live in an area with lots of dogs, you may want to choose unique male or female dog names to avoid potential confusion. For example, male dog names like Duke or Max or female names like Bella or Luna are quite popular, so calling your pup at a busy dog park could be confusing if there’s more than one dog with the same name. Of course, if you love a name, don’t pass on it for this reason alone!
  1. While you’re in the name-choosing phase, keep your ears open. Listen for name ideas in TV shows and movies. Look for them in books. Talk to friends and family. You never know when the perfect name might choose you!
  1. Give male or female dog names a trial run before sticking with a permanent one. While you don’t want to confuse your new dog by changing its name, you could try calling them a name for a day or two to see how it rolls off the tongue.

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