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5 Gifts for Kids Who Love Animals: Your Ultimate Guide

Posted by Elizabeth S on
A child hugging a dog outside

Are you looking for fantastic gift ideas for kid animal lovers? Congratulations — you’ve come to the right place! From birthdays to holidays to just because, Tworgis is the top one-stop shop for all sorts of high-quality goodies with adorable designs that feature corgis, Shiba Inus, French bulldogs, cats, and more. We have unique gifts for all ages, so treat yourself to something special too! Here are 5 gifts that any young (or young-at-heart) animal lover is sure to love!

1. Backpack

Cream Corgi Puppy Small Backpack

Every kid needs a reliable backpack! A backpack is one of the best gifts for kids who love animals because it’s both practical and fun. They’ll be so proud to show off their unique backpack at school, and at home, they can use it to store and carry around their favorite animal books and toys. These are durable, high-quality backpacks that are made to last, and they’re even waterproof for those rainy day adventures.

2. Small Tote

Our totes are so handy, and they’re available in a wide range of sizes. Small totes are a great choice for younger kids, but we have medium, large, and extra large too. These tough totes are super versatile! If you’re looking for functional gifts for kids who love animals, you’re going to love how useful they are. Use them for storage at home, or pack them with daily essentials while you’re running errands. You can never have too many totes, and ours are tote-ally awesome!

3. Lunch Tote

Blue Cat Lunch Tote

Our lunch totes are also a wonderful option if you're interested in gift ideas for kid animal lovers who just happen to be picnic lovers too. They’re also perfect for school, thanks to their insulated inner linings that keep the day’s lunch fresh. You could even get matching totes for everyone in the family to make your special young one feel all grown-up!

4. Short Wallet

If you’re shopping for holiday or birthday gifts for kids who love animals, you can’t go wrong with one of our adorable short wallets…maybe even with a bit of cash tucked inside! These wallets are small enough for kids, but they have plenty of pockets and compartments for storing coins, drawings, stickers, and other goodies. Giving a child a wallet is a great way to start teaching them about financial responsibility, and they’ll feel like a big kid with a wallet of their very own!

5. Fanny Pack

White Surfing Corgi fanny pack

Fanny packs are a blast for kids, and they’re so useful for parents too. They’re one of the best gifts for kids who love animals — especially if you choose designs with dogs or cats on them! Fanny packs are super portable, but you can fit a whole lot in them. Children can wear a fanny pack while playing outside to store their necessities and any treasures they find. And when you’re out and about together, you can fill it with any items they might need, like snacks, juice boxes, toys, and tissues.

6. Stickers

Kids love stickers! As you come up with gift ideas for kid animal lovers, remember that a few stickers can add that extra special touch to a present. You could even put together some one-of-a-kind gifts for kids who love animals by filling one of our backpacks, totes, or fanny packs with notebooks, stickers, coloring books, art supplies, toys, and other fun items — all animal-themed, of course! Or, you could tuck a variety of stickers into one of our short wallets, so they have a cool and convenient way to store their collection.

Browse More Animal-Themed Gifts

Any of these kid-friendly presents are sure to thrill the young animal enthusiast in your life. Of course, our products aren’t just for kids! Shop all of our collections for fashionable and functional accessories that are unique, durable, and oh-so-cute. 

As you shop gifts for kids who love animals, don’t overlook the importance of quality! It’s no secret that kids tend to put their belongings through a whole lot of wear and tear. Tworgis products are made to hold up to regular use, rain or shine. These are gifts that kids will still treasure when they’re older — the adorable designs never go out of style! 

We hope this guide to gift ideas for kid animal lovers makes your shopping experience a little easier. Shop around now, and if you see something you like, order it fast before it sells out!


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