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Our Favorite Women’s Wallet Styles & Why You’ll Love Them

Posted by Elizabeth S on
Our Favorite Women’s Wallet Styles & Why You’ll Love Them

Not sure what type of women’s wallet is right for your lifestyle? Hunting for a gift and you’re not sure what style of wallet she’ll like? Either way, this guide is for you!

At Tworgis, we carry four basic women’s wallet styles — from larger designs with several compartments to smaller styles that are perfect for stowing away only the essentials. Our wallet designs are portable, durable, and convenient, and if you haven’t noticed, they’re pretty adorable, too. Check out our favorite wallet styles and see why you’ll love them!

Long Wallets


Long teal wallet with corgi design

Our long wallets are extremely roomy and are large enough to carry all of your essentials! If you like having all your gift cards, IDs, credit cards, library cards, and everything else right on hand, this is the perfect wallet for you. Our long women’s wallet styles always come with ample pockets and zip pouches inside for all your coins and cash you carry. These wallets are compact and durable, but they can also carry everything you need in one place.

Short Wallets

 Long Black Wallet with Beach Surfing Corgi Design

Smaller than their long wallet cousin, our short wallets fit easily in any size purse and are perfect for individuals looking for a compact wallet. Our short wallet style features a zip pocket and several cardholders so you can carry everything you need for shopping and going out. This women’s wallet style is also great for stowing away your necessities when you go out for lunch or drinks and want something small that you can keep in your pocket or clutch.

Crossbody Clutch Wallets


Black crossbody wallet with corgi bubble tea design

These medium-size wallets fasten across the body or on one shoulder for convenience and portability. If you’re the kind of person who appreciates a hands-free wallet option, then our crossbody clutch wallet is the perfect style for you! This purse-like women’s wallet style features 12 card slots, 2 zip pockets, and 3 large compartments to stow away your necessities.

Coin Purses


Pastel colored cat yoga card and coin purse

Coin purses are the smallest and simplest types of women’s wallets that we offer. If you don’t like carrying around a huge bag and you don’t need a ton of things on hand, this is the wallet for you. Featuring one open pocket for convenient storage and a clear ID window on the back, this coin purse is ideal for those who only want to carry the essentials. This women’s wallet style is perfect for all the minimalists out there who don’t want to cramp their style with a bulky bag!


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