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Tworgis’ Must-Have Travel Accessories

Posted by Elizabeth S on
Tworgis’ Must-Have Travel Accessories

If you’re not a frequent traveler, you might be caught off guard when you realize that you do not have some important travel essentials. From fanny packs to luggage straps, Tworgis has the most adorable, comfortable, and durable must-have travel accessories online. See what goodies we have in store that’ll make traveling for your next vacation a breeze!

Luggage Straps

 Red White Blue Luggage Strap With A Cute Corgi Design

Luggage straps keep your suitcase secure, safe, and recognizable. When your plain black suitcase is drifting around the conveyor belt, a bright and unique luggage strap like this adorable corgi print one will help you spot it in a flash.

Tworgis luggage straps are a must-have travel accessory that can be attached horizontally or vertically, and they can be adjusted to your tightness preference. You won’t find these luggage straps anywhere else in the U.S.!

Fanny Packs

 Teal Colored Fanny Pack Shoulder Bag With A Cute Corgi Design

This handy fanny pack was the height of 90s fashion and it’s back in style! Keep all your goodies at an arm's length and walk around an amusement park or city with your hands totally free. Who else do you know that can say they have an adorable Corgi fanny pack? Snag a few for your traveling buddies to show them what they’ve been missing!

Extra Large Travel Totes

 Gray Corgi Adventure Pattern Extra Large Travel Tote

A spacious travel tote is definitely one of our top must-have travel accessories! It makes a perfect carry-on for a flight, and it has a widened base and tons of pockets that hold everything that you need for your trip or adventure. Stow away clothing, toiletries, and other necessities in this roomy bag.

Cosmetic Bags

 Navy Blue Shiba Inu Cosmetic Makeup Bag

You never realize how many tiny, easily-lost things you have until you try to pack them all up!

That’s why a sturdy, roomy cosmetic bag is a must-have travel essential. Our cosmetic bags are spacious but flexible so you can pack them into any suitcase. Most importantly, they’re waterproof, so you do not have to worry about any leaks while traveling. If a spill does happen while you’re in transit, simply wipe away any mess with a damp cloth and your bag is as good as new!

Crossbody Clutch Wallets

 Crossbody Shoulder Wallet Purse With Cute French Bulldog Design

Our crossbody clutch wallets strap around your body so you won’t lose it while you’re walking around on your travels. This completely hands-free, purse-like wallet is really handy when you have a busy day and need both hands when boarding a tour bus, snagging a coffee before your day out on the town, or when you’re heading off to dinner. Stow away your essentials in this cute wallet before heading out and about.

Shop More Must-Have Travel Essentials at Tworgis

This was just a taste of the must-have travel accessories we have at Tworgis! Don’t forget to check out our cute face masks, backpacks, phone pouches, and more. Safe travels from your friends at Tworgis!

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