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Our Ultimate New Puppy Checklist: Everything You Need

Posted by Elizabeth S on
Our Ultimate New Puppy Checklist: Everything You Need

If you’re welcoming a canine companion to your home, it’s time to pick up some new puppy essentials! Being a pet parent is so fun and rewarding, and the right supplies really improve the experience for both you and your adorable pup. Here are the must-have items you’ll need to keep your furry friend happy and healthy!

1. A Cozy Puppy Bed

Even if you plan on letting your puppy snuggle up with you at night, you should still provide a comfy place they can call their own. Make sure your pup’s bed doesn’t contain any chewable materials that could be bad for them. If you’re not sure, just add a puppy-specific bed to your new puppy checklist — that way, you know it’s safe. If you’re going to crate-train your puppy, make it nice and cozy for naptime and bedtime.

2. Healthy Food and Yummy Treats

Puppies love to snack! Most experts recommend feeding them a nutritious diet of both dry and wet food (mixed or separate). In addition to their regular meals, make sure you have some tasty treats on hand to reward them for good behavior (or just for being so cute)!

3. Puppy Toys

 A puppy playing with a chew toy

Puppies sure do have a lot of energy, so you’ll want to add a variety of playthings to your new puppy checklist. When your puppy’s teething, you’ll want to have some chew toys around. If you give your pup a plush toy, make sure it’s made for dogs because human plush toys may contain harmful materials.

4. Collar and ID Tags

One of the most important new puppy essentials is an ID tag with all of your and your pup’s information. Even if your puppy’s microchipped, you want to make sure someone can contact you immediately if they find your lost pup. You’ll also need an adjustable collar for daily wear. Puppies are fast growers, so check it often to make sure it's not too tight.

5. Leash and Harness

Add a leash to your new puppy checklist so you can take your pup on walks and potty breaks. While you can attach your leash to the collar, you may want to get a harness, so you have better control over your puppy. Harnesses are comfier for them too!

6. Hygiene and Grooming Products

A puppy in a bathtub

You’ll need some puppy shampoo to keep your furry friend clean, as well as a brush or comb and a nail clipper. It would also be good to have a couple of water absorbent towels to dry your puppy after bath time.

7. Household Cleaning Supplies

Puppies are going to make messes from time to time — it comes with the territory! Make sure you have some products on hand to deal with stains and odors. You may also want to add a natural chew deterrent spray to your new puppy checklist to keep your furniture from becoming a giant chew toy!

8. Food and Water Bowls

Bowls are one of the most important items of new puppy essentials. Pick a good size bowl that will be able to hold all of their food or water without it overflowing. Giving your pup their own bowls really makes them feel like a member of the family.

9. Dental Supplies

A smiling puppy

Just like people, dogs need dental care to stay healthy. Don’t overlook the importance of oral health — besides stopping stinky breath, dental care prevents diseases. Puppy-specific toothpaste and a toothbrush should be on your shopping list. You can also use a dental care water additive for extra protection against bacteria, tartar, and plaque build-up.

10. A Supply Bag

Your new puppy checklist should include some sort of bag for storing and carrying your supplies. An adorable tote bag is perfect for outdoor adventures, and a cosmetic bag is super useful when you’re traveling.

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