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Tworgis Ultimate Dog Bucket List: 7 Fun Dog Activities

Posted by Elizabeth S on
Tworgis Ultimate Dog Bucket List: 7 Fun Dog Activities

Dogs are known as human’s besties for a reason! Playful, affectionate, and endlessly adorable, everything’s better when there’s a pup around. Just like people, dogs can go a little bit stir-crazy if they get stuck in a routine, so beat the boredom by engaging in some fun activities with your furry friend. You’ll both have a blast, and your beautiful bond will keep growing stronger. Here are 7 ideas to get you started!

1. Spend the Day at a Local Park

Dogs and parks — is there a more iconic duo? Maybe you’ve already been to the park, but don’t check this one off your dog's bucket list just yet. Instead of just going on a quick walk or tossing the frisbee around for a few minutes, make a full day out of it! Pack a picnic and stay for a while. 

Enjoy a relaxing day in the sun by filling a tote bag with your pup’s favorite toys and treats. Your dog will be so thrilled to be outside for longer than usual, and they’ll be grateful for the opportunity to frolic in the grass, snuggle with their favorite human on a blanket, and enjoy some tasty snacks.

2. Arrange a Doggy Play Date

Two happy dogs sticking their tongues out

No dog bucket list is complete without a get-together with some canine companions! Dogs are social creatures, and one of the most fun dog activities is letting them play with other pups. If you don’t know any other dog parents in the area, ask around. There’s a good chance one of your friends or family members knows someone with a friendly dog. You could also join a local social media group to connect with other dog owners, or go to a dog park and chat with people there, especially if your dogs get along well. You might even make a new friend too!

3. Take a Hike

Hiking is next on our dog bucket list, and no, going for a walk around the block doesn’t count! Hitting a dog-friendly trail is a wonderful way to get some exercise while spending some quality time with your pal. Pack a backpack with human and dog supplies, and enjoy the magic of the great outdoors. Staying hydrated is a must, so bring along plenty of water — you can carry it in an adorable Tworgis portable drink carrier!

4. Enjoy a Mini-Vacation Together

Traveling with your dog may seem tricky, but it’s actually pretty easy if you plan your vacation in advance. If you’re interested in adding traveling to your dog's bucket list, start small and work your way up to bigger adventures. For example, you could rent a local, dog-friendly homestay or hotel room for a weekend and enjoy the change of scenery together. If your dog responds positively and behaves well, look into going on a longer and farther trip.

5. Go Swimming

A puppy relaxing by a swimming pool

If you need some fun dog activities on a hot day, find a place to swim or at least splash around. Many dogs absolutely adore swimming — they even have their own style: the doggy paddle! Just make sure you take it nice and slow, bring a life jacket, and keep a close eye on your pup. 

6. Ride a Boat

Boating is another fantastic aquatic activity to add to your dog's bucket list. You could rent a motor boat for a thrilling experience with your first mate, or have a nice leisurely time paddling a canoe on a lake. Make sure to follow the same safety precautions as when you’re swimming.

7. Teach a Trick

A dog offering a paw for a handshake

Teaching your pup a trick is a wonderful way to spend some time together while being productive. When you’re done, your furry friend will be so proud to have a new talent to show off! Fill a fanny pack with healthy, bite-sized treats, and reward your dog with one whenever they respond correctly to your commands. Learning to sit is a great starting point, and you could also add shake or roll over to your dog's bucket list.

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These fun dog activities are sure to delight and thrill your beloved pup, you might even have some fun too! Be sure to pick up some high-quality accessories for dogs before heading out on your adventures. Our adorable Sassy Woof products include harnesses, leashes, collars, and other must-have items.

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