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Perfect Corgi Gifts for the Corgi Lover in Your Life

Posted by Elizabeth S on
A corgi watching a person wrap a present

What is it about corgis that makes them so dang lovable? Is it their floofy fur? Their lively personalities? Their impressive intelligence? Their adorable smiling faces? The way they wiggle and wobble while they run? The answer is yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes — and so much more! 

Whether you’re looking for the perfect corgi-themed present for a corgi-obsessed person in your life or something special for yourself, you’ll find lots of cute options here at Tworgis. Fun, functional, and fashionable, these are high-quality accessories that are made to last. 

Here are 5 corgi gifts any corgi fan is sure to love!

1. Backpacks

A large Tworgis backpack with a corgi design

Everyone needs a go-to backpack. They’re so versatile and easy to carry around anywhere. A large backpack is a great choice for work, school, or traveling. A small backpack is so handy for running local errands, like going to the gym, shopping, or visiting friends and family. We recommend having both so you can pack for any adventure, big or little.

Our backpacks are available with a variety of unique corgi designs, including surfing corgis, traveling corgis, corgis making silly faces, and more. The adorable graphics are not the only reason to buy our corgi gifts though. Our backpacks are thoughtfully designed with lots of pockets, compartments, and storage space. They also have waterproof outer materials and water-repellent inner linings, comfy shoulder straps that are easy to adjust, durable zippers and snaps, and lots of other features that are sure to be appreciated. They may be cute, but these backpacks are super tough!

2. Totes

A Tworgis tote with a corgi design

Like backpacks, totes are endlessly versatile. They make a practical and stylish accessory for all types of situations. Bring them to the grocery store so you can skip the plastic or paper bags. Pack them with dog essentials for the next trip to the park, vet, or doggie date. The lucky person on your shopping list will never run out of ways to use these corgi gifts!

Our totes are lightweight, so anyone can enjoy a comfy carry, but they’re also made with durable materials that hold up to regular wear and tear. Like our backpacks, our totes are waterproof and made with rugged materials. We have small, medium, large, and extra-large totes, as well as lunch totes. Collect them all!

3. Wallets

A Tworgis wallet with a corgi design

The perfect companion to our bigger bags (and fanny packs), a wallet adds some extra organization to a backpack, tote, or purse, and they can also be carried on their own when you prefer to pack light. Slip some cash or gift cards into the wallet to make the sweetest corgi gifts they’ve ever received!

Like all Tworgis products, our wallets are made to our high-quality standards so you can feel great about giving a long-lasting gift. And — of course — you’ll find plenty of whimsical corgi designs that’ll have the corgi lover on your list grinning from ear to ear.

Our short and long wallets are perfect for anyone who prefers a classic style. Coin purses are a wonderful choice for kids, as well as adults who like a minimalist carry. Crossbody shoulder wallets are like a combination of a clutch purse and a wallet — the best of both worlds!

4. Drink Holders

A Tworgis drink holder with a corgi design

While you’re shopping for corgi gifts, don’t overlook our drink holders! They add a fashionable and functional touch to beverage outings. They’re perfect for holding bubble tea, coffee, or anything else you want to sip on in style. With a waterproof exterior and water-repellent interior, these handy holders can handle even the messiest spills!

5. Fanny Packs

A Tworgis fanny pack with a corgi design

Last but not least, we have our fanny packs! There’s no denying the nostalgic appeal of the classic fanny pack, and they’re back in style in a major way. Hands-free carrying, easy-breezy accessibility, and multiple pockets make a Tworgis fanny pack one of the most practical corgi gifts around! 

Everything you need is right there on your hip! You can fill a fanny pack with all of the day’s little necessities, like your wallet, chapstick, snacks, sunscreen, hair accessories, and anything else you might need while you’re out and about. Best of all, you’ll be able to use both hands to pet any puppy that comes your way!

Shop All of Our Collections

These corgi products are sure to delight your corgi-loving loved one, but don’t stop there! Shop all of our collections for more high-quality gifts with adorable corgi designs. Many of our corgi gifts sell out fast, so if you see the perfect present, get it before it’s gone. Browse the cutest corgi accessories at Tworgis!

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