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The Perfect Vacation Bags & Purses For Your Next Trip

Posted by Elizabeth S on
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If you’re gearing up for a getaway, our vacation purses, bags, and accessories will add some fun and functionality to your adventure. Our adorable bags are super durable and versatile, and we have sizes and styles for all types of travels, whether you’re doing a quick weekend getaway or jet-setting on a world tour. 

Here are 6 of the best bags you’ll be glad to have on your journey!

1. Backpacks

A large Tworgis backpack with a traveling Corgi design

A nice backpack is a must-own accessory for any traveler. Our large backpacks are the perfect size to be your go-to carry-on—these vacation bags meet TSA size limits so you can keep your bag on you at all times, even on the plane.

With a whole lot of pockets, compartments, and storage space, carrying all of your travel essentials is a breeze. There’s plenty of room for your laptop, tablet, chargers, headphones, books, magazines, and other onboard entertainment. 

If you prefer to pack light, you could even bring a few changes of clothes, a toiletry bag, and a wallet, and leave the larger luggage at home. Besides being one of the best bags for the actual traveling part of your vacation, you’ll love having a handy souvenir storage option while you explore your destination. 

2. Travel Cosmetics Bags

A Tworgis travel cosmetics bag with a Shiba Inu design

Our vacation bags make traveling so much easier! It’s no secret that carrying a collection of beauty products around can be a major hassle. Our travel cosmetic bags are here to the rescue! They have so much space for your makeup and other beauty essentials, and the water repellent inner lining can handle any spills that come your way.

Not all vacation purses need to be big, especially if you’re a light packer. If you’re only planning to bring a few must-have beauty products, you may prefer one of our smaller cosmetic bags. For example, our dumpling cosmetic bags are the perfect size for tucking into a backpack or suitcase pocket.

3. Toiletry Bags

A Tworgis toiletry bag with a vacationing corgi design

Vacation bags are not just for carrying your stuff—they’re for keeping you organized while you’re away from home. Our cosmetic bags keep your beauty supplies all in one place, and our toiletry bags do the same thing, but for, well, your toiletries! 

While cosmetic bags and toiletry bags offer similar functionality, there are some important differences. We highly recommend bringing both! Use your cosmetic bag just for beauty supplies. That way you can fill your toiletry bag with practical items like your toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, sunscreen, hair brush, medicines, first-aid supplies, and other essentials.

4. Totes

A Tworgis tote bag with a Taiwan design

Besides a backpack, a tote bag is the most versatile of all vacation bags. They’re perfect for carrying all of your supplies when you’re doing quick weekend trips at a bed and breakfast. For longer trips, you can fold them up and stash them in your suitcase (don’t forget the luggage strap!) so you have a cute storage solution when you hit the town.

There’s a tote for every occasion and every destination! We have small, medium, large, and extra-large totes, as well as lunch totes. Besides being fantastic vacation purses, these totes are tote-ally awesome for daily use. Bring them on trips to the grocery store, picnics, parties…anytime you need a cute and convenient way to carry your stuff!

5. Crossbody Bags

A Tworgis crossbody bag with a snowboarding corgi design

As you plan which vacation bags to bring, don’t overlook the smaller details too! Our crossbody bags are like a combination between a purse and a wallet. Use yours to hold anything you need to be able to access on the go, like your passport, cards, and cash. Besides being practical, these chic wallets add a fashionable touch to any outfit!

6. Multipurpose Bags

A Tworgis multipurpose bag with a camping design

Variety is the spice of life! While you’re away from home, it’s nice to have options. With the ability to be worn in three different ways—as a bag, crossbody, or backpack—our multipurpose bags can do it all! Enjoy the best of both worlds—packing light while being able to switch the style of your vacation bags according to your mood.

Browse All of Our Adorable Travel Bags

These beautiful bags are just the start! We have many other styles, so shop around to find vacation purses and bags that fit your unique tastes and needs. No matter what you choose, you can always count on Tworgis for high-quality products that are durable and waterproof.

Vacation is all about good times, and so are our bags! With so many cute designs to choose from, you’re bound to find the perfect accessories for your next getaway. Our bags also make wonderful gifts for the traveler in your life. Prepare for your next adventure with functional, fashionable vacation bags from Tworgis!

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