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Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day With Your Dog

Posted by Neha Nagpal on
A dog surrounded by flowers getting pet by its owner for dog Valentine’s Day

Your precious pup is an endless source of love and affection (and we know the feeling is mutual), so why not treat each other to an extra special dog Valentine’s Day this year? After all, your furry friend will always be there for you through thick and thin, and they deserve some appreciation! Any excuse to celebrate your bond is always welcome, so it’s time to start planning this year’s Valentine’s Day. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Enjoy Dinner and a Movie

Valentine’s Day is a great time to splurge on some tasty treats together. Order your favorite takeout, or get crafty in the kitchen. Of course, this is an experience to share, so be sure to give your four-legged bestie some (dog-friendly) grub that gets their tail wagging! You could even celebrate your dog’s Valentine’s Day celebration by making some homemade dog treats. Once your food situation is all set, put on your pajamas and your favorite dog-themed movie and cuddle up on the couch for a relaxing evening together.

Dance the Day Away

Did you know that there’s a real dog-dancing sport called canine freestyle? You could find online tutorials that teach you how to work on choreographed moves, or you could just wing it. Not only is doggie dancing a blast for both of you, but it’s actually a great way to work on obedience training. After a bit of practice, you might have a new dog Valentine’s Day tradition!

Go On a Special Adventure

Instead of the usual stroll around the block, why not take your dog out to their favorite places for some fun and exercise? You could go to a local park for some frolicking and a picnic. Or, simply take a new route and spend a little more time out and about than usual. The change from the usual routine is sure to provide some exciting sights and scents for your pup, and you might even discover some new go-to spots for future adventures.

Find the Perfect Present

A dog wearing a cute bow and a heart collar

Any holiday is an excuse to spoil your beloved pal, so find a present that will always remind you of the dog Valentine’s Day celebration you spent together. Dog accessories and toys are always appreciated, and the sentimental memories will make you smile every time you see them in action. While you’re picking up a gift for your pup, treat yourself to dog-themed accessories — it’s your Valentine’s Day too!

Shop Our Collections

Make this year’s Valentine’s Day truly unforgettable with fashionable and functional dog-themed items like bags, totes, wallets, and so much more! Browse all of our collections to find adorable gifts that will always remind you of your #1 valentine. Our high-quality products are made to last, so you’ll be loving them for many dog Valentine’s Day celebrations to come! Start shopping, and if you see something you like, buy it right away before it’s gone!


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